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Restored to iphone 6s MyPhoto not opening

Loved this App since I got it. Now, after restoring from a backup into my new iPhone 6s, it will not open. Will this be fixed!?

Really needs work.

When your phone gets full and you want to transfer photos to a computer it is very difficult. The wifi share works well. But you cannot download an entire album. You definitely should be able to. You have to select each picture in the album one at a time. Then if you miss the little check box and accidentally dragged the mouse slightly hey pop up appears for uploading files and it blocks the download button. So you have to reload the page and start over again checking the boxes one by one. Its ridiculous and the solutions are so simple. Once you get everything checked off downloading multiple files at once works fine. It should be one click to download an entire album. Not One click for every picture if youre lucky.

Simply the best!

I purchased MyPhoto Pro a few weeks ago and I have to say this is not only the best bargain Ive ever seen in photo album apps, its the most powerful and versatile photo album app too. Ive already uninstalled the other 5 star rated photo album apps I had purchased in the past, because in my opinion this one is even better than they are. MyPhoto makes the default Photos iPhone app from Apple obsolete, as MyPhoto effectively manages the camera roll. I can import and export images from/to my computer manually using iTunes or another iOs file manager. Photos and photo albums can be easily moved, copied, or deleted as desired. And this app does more than that, so very much more. All that said, MyPhoto Pro is not perfect. It does crash once in a while, and there are a few minor tweaks Id like to see added to it such as setting a time frame for secret album access so frequent back and forth trips to the secret albums wont require entering a passcode every time. In spite of the occasional crash I still have to give this app a 5 star rating, I just like it that much.

Double protection

I used "MyPhoto Pro" over 3 years ago, its great to protect my photos, and I hope if you add more options and features to become safer, such as: • Protect important files with industry-leading AES 256 bit encryption. • Double protection - A highly secure area protected by a second password to keeps our most valuable information safe. • Advanced features - such as autolock, self-destruction, a decoy safe, break-in reports.

Good but some issues

Overall this app has potential. I like the organization and love the hidden albums. However a few major issues: 1. Photos imported from Apple Photos do not maintain their dates of creation, they are changed to the date of import. This alone will cause me to stop using this app, as sorting by date is imperative. 2. Neither the Facebook nor Twitter albums are working. 3. The app keeps crashing. I hope you can address these issues quickly as I do think it soils become my primary means of photo organization.


tnx for the best application in app store

Super app

This app came a long way for what it is today. A lot of great improvements to the features and added new features makes this one a stealer. Very easy to navigate and organize photos into albums. :)


love this apppppp

Best version yet!

Im glad that importing photos now gives you an option to delete them from the camera roll at the same time. I DO wish that TouchID was an OPTION, as I dont want easy access to my Secret Albums to anyone but myself.. hence a totally cryptic password that only my brain knows.

Great Update!

YESH! Finally you can delete photos from your camera roll right after you import! I love iOS8. The design is better and the Touch ID is just perfect! Those minor bugs are nice to have gone! In the next update can you make it so it supports PNG format and maybe even GIF.


Thought this app was abandoned. Thanks for keeping updating it. If you decide to release a new app to sustain, Ill buy it!

not good . please make it universal

not good . please make it universal

The best

Ive used this apps for years now. I love it!


I can only move 1 photo at a time? Are you serious? I want to select multiple photos and move them into an album. Hardly any editing tools. Cannot figure out how to save them to my PC. No help files anywhere. Emailed developer and waiting for help.

Edit features do NOT work

Try to select editing tools and nothing happens. iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4


Used to love this. Now it crashes whenever I upload photos.

New Featuers

When you are going to give a new UI and cloud support ??


This is an awesome app. I hide the photos and videos that I dont want anyone to see and the app is password protected!!

5 Star App

This is simply awesome. Love it

Very good app!

Love it!