MyPhoto Pro - Smart Photo Manager app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9740 ratings )
Utilities Photo & Video
Developer: TIDY INC
0.99 USD
Current version:, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Jun 2010
App size: 15.28 Mb

* Support iPhone5,6,6+ & iOS8 *

* Top 1 in 11 countries’ app store worldwide! Thank you for your support! *
* A best app in photography chosen by over a million users worldwide! *

NO MORE MESS with your photos. ORGANIZE your photos to albums QUICKLY & EASILY

* Unlimited Albums & Groups
Its all about photo albums. You can create as many albums & groups as you want, and editing them with your fingers is as easy as pie.
If you already carry a bunch of photos on your iPhone, I bet you love it. ;)

* Super-Fast even on High Resolution Images Taken with DSLR
Trust me, youll be surprised at how fast it is. The developer has made it unbelievably nice & smooth.
View, edit, copy and paste big images on iPhone as fast as PC.

* Protect Your Personal Data with Secret Albums & App Lock
What if others can view your personal photos when you lend your iPhone?
Now you can keep your photos PRIVATE with MyPhoto Secret Albums. Hide photos in where nobody could ever imagine.

* Share Photos on iPhone, PC or Social Networks
You can easily share photos with friends using Wifi Share in MyPhoto: iPhone, iPad,, or even PC!
Making backups of data on your PC can also be done with few clicks.
Of course, you can also share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages, etc.

* Beautiful Themes
Enjoy your photos on delicately designed theme frames.
Classic, Red, Sepia, Board, Wood, and more to come!

* Editing Photos is also Fabulous
Organize here, edit there? NO! You can edit photos as well as organize in one single app, MyPhoto.
With Effect+, many tools are provided including various filters, effects, stickers, draw, etc.

Pros and cons of MyPhoto Pro - Smart Photo Manager app for iPhone and iPad

MyPhoto Pro - Smart Photo Manager app good for

I have the same problem as Mr. Vion and Mr. Eman. Any alternative apps or solution that I can get back of my photos. Hope hearing from you soon. Thanks.
I have the same problem as Mr. Vion!! I have a lot of photos & memories on this app and unable to retrieve!!! any solution for this..
Hi team, Recently I have upgraded my iPhone version to iOS 11. And I cannot open the apps due to this app (MyPhoto) is not updated and the latest iOS 11 cannot support. May i know is this app going to update soon so that I can retrieve all my photos back? Hearing from you soon, thanks!
This is a very good app. The developer could of just left it as a above average photo album app, but he didnt. Please add support for Tumblr.
I suggest this app to friends all the time. Use it almost daily for work to organize pics of completed work on site. Just wish a more streamlined ability to backup entire collection(s) uncompressed to a drive or selected location (perhaps direct connection to dropbox) would be integrated and it would be 5 instead of 4 stars.
Great job guys! I cant make myself curate my photos while sitting in front of the computer. But now I can be productive while Im stuck in line. Finally my camera roll will be sorted.

Some bad moments

The app is very appealing to the eye and it looks like it sorts pretty well. But whenever I try to rename a picture, the entire app crashes. The when I go back into the app, the picture is still not renamed. I do not know why this is happening, but I would like it very much if this bug was fixed.
Just want to say that I initially liked this app, but the more I used it the more frustrating it became. You shouldnt need instructions although there were times I had to use trial and error to figure something out. Still have not figured out how to add an album to a group without making a new group each time and adding the established albums at that time. Very time consuming if thats the only way to do it. Also instructions are for an older version of the app and for the iPad so thats a bit confusing. This App needs some work to make it better and competitive. I would recommend MyPics for $1.99 and you can see my review there. Its 5 stars.
I just did the upgrade and now all my albums are gone!?!?!?!?!?!? Cant review any other features right now, Im still trying not to vomit!!! Im sooooo upset!!!!
Tedious to group photos. No date sorting. All it does is build nice looking folders.
Lost 38 photos i can never get back on this app. The pictures now have white thumbnails and has an error code. Dont trust it for iOS7 users
Try to select editing tools and nothing happens. iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4